25% of the refugees who arrive in Europe could be suffering from PTSD The project provides information & learning materials for non-specialists refugee-care providers The project impact will be an ameloration of the working quality for refuges helpers

About the Project

The objective of our project is to raise the awareness about the occurrence of post-traumatic problems (including PTSD) among refugees and asylum seekers, its symptoms and possibilities for early low-level mental health interventions, and to support the continuing professional development of refugee educators (such as teachers, trainers, mentors, etc.) and youth workers, especially because they will have to deal with an increasing number of refuges/asylum seekers with variety of psychological, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Target Group

The target groups and stakeholders include:
  • Persons without psychiatric or psychological education, who are working on a contractual or voluntary basis with refugees (e.g. social and medical services, youth workers, etc);
  • Language teachers and trainers; primary and secondary school teachers with pupils coming from refugee or migration background, as well as educators for adults;
  • Organizations dealing with the reception and/or administration of refugees and asylum seekers

Awareness Raising Guidelines will be developed as simple, practical tool to support and inform in a comprehensive way people working with refugees with traumatic backgrounds.

Action Sheets

Action Sheets will contain recommendations and key actions for meeting the needs of refugee and migrant clients, brief modules on the assessment and management of PTSD.


The e-platform will support the delivery of all online tools of the project and will also support online interactive tools such as forums, blogs, and social networking applications.

Mobile Application

Mobile application for mobile smart phones and tablets.

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